Ch. 44 The Wisdom of the Wise

The Wisdom of the Wise
Steven G. O'Dell (C) 2010

The wisdom of men is foolishness to God.

(This is a true story. It happened to my companion and myself in the Canada, Ontario MIssion between 1973 and 1975. I was the one shocked to hear the words of the Spirit come from me without warning.)

It should have been a door like any other for the two missionaries. It could more easily have been the usual polite turn-down and excusing of one's self to close the door and shut out the truth of the Gospel. This was no ordinary contact, however. Here stood a man with an abundance of arrogance, a smug grin and more than noticeable condescension in his countenance.

"You're wasting your time here, boys. Why would I be interested in your Book of Mormon, if I don't even believe in God and the Bible?" He was apparently amused and thought that was the end of the conversation, because the door began to close and that overly-confident smirk remained on his lips.

"Do you believe in UFO's?"

The words escaped my mouth before I even knew what had happened. As shocked as I was, I could sense that my companion must have been looking at me from the corner of his eye, also. Too late. The words were sent forth and the door that had but a second ago been reduced to an inch gap was now opening and there was a look of genuine interest on the face of the man. And then it hit me as to what was happening. I knew suddenly where to go with the topic and it made sense.

"Why, yes, I do."

Everyone has to believe in something. If it wasn't God, it would most likely be science that would capture the man's faith. And this man was no different, placing his faith in the lesser of the sources, the powers of man or aliens.

"Do you believe they have technology that far transcends ours?"

"Yes, of course!" His eyes were wide with interest and excitement. This was his meat and potatoes, intellectually speaking.

"They must, if they have the ability to travel such long distances, right?"

"Yes, yes." His head was nodding and he waited with baited breath for each new question, each statement, each revelation he expected to come. This would be one revelation he would not soon forget.

"Is it possible they have overcome mortality and the restrictions that keep us from traveling such distances in space?"

"Yes, I would think so. They must have." The door was still wide open and he was still intent on gathering every drop of information he could.

"Do you think they have perfected anti-gravity and other technologies that we have yet to discover?"

Again, yes. Again, the affirmative nod of the head. He was taking it all; hook, line, sinker and boat.

"Perhaps they would be able to use that technology to do things we cannot, such as walk on water and ascend into heaven by means not able to be seen. We might even call them 'gods', don't you think?"

The revelation hit home now. Where there had been a look of total and undeniable absorption of every word, there was now the look of abject terror. His mouth hung pen in slack-jawed shock and his eyes were wide with confusion and fear. The door again began to close, this time more hurriedly than before. Gone was the smug smile, the arrogance, the condescending attitude. Gone was the once-thought-solid foundation of his belief system. Gone was his confidence in everything he had thought he could count on to be firm, immovable, reliable.

"I...I have to go now...I'm...I'm really busy." The door closed before we could get the words out to request a better time to return. It was obvious there would be no return engagement at this door. And that proved to be the situation. Two days later, as we passed that way again, we knocked on the door. The blind opened the most minute amount and a voice, apparently the same man, announced simply that he was too busy to talk right then. No more was said. No more would be.

It never ceases to amaze me how those who look at belief in God as foolishness and at believers as being weak-minded simpletons, can in a moment have their own worlds turned upside down with a sudden dose of truth. The wisdom of the wise becomes foolishness, where before the wisdom of the Saints was the object of ridicule. God is faithful, however, and forgets none of His children...even those who choose not to believe.

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