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Submitted by spazmom on 9 March 2007 - 7:14am. |

MY PEOPLE tell of the time we came across the sea, leaving our brethren behind in lands of emerald green. The Great Ones, tired of the warring between brothers, came seeking peace in lands far from home. They foretold of a time in our future – a time when, once again, our people would be fighting amongst ourselves and two strangers would come. One would have the power to save us, the other to destroy us all.

The stranger that could save us would teach how to bridge the gap between our people and the natives of this land we had chosen to be ours as well. These natives, which did not like us and from which we had to hide, had hunted us for many years before we finally hid, retreating to the forests.

Many years we watched carefully for such a one that could destroy us, on our guard against evil, but our people were happy and no one came. We waited so long that the story became legend – and then became a tale we told our young; alternating between a bed time story and a cautioning tale to influence those who disobeyed.

It has been so long since we have come and made this land our home that many have now forgotten the tale. Forgotten the warnings and caution against evil. The Elder’s no longer teach the young to beware of strange ones with flattering words and magical power beyond our own understanding.

Our young have begun to chaf at the restrictions placed on them by the Elders. They do not understand why the traditions are in place, nor do the Elder’s truly remember, holding only the knowledge that they must stand firm.

Now a stranger has come, one that is flattering and willful. He leads our youth away like lambs to the slaughter and there is none to stop him for the Elders have become useless and the people don’t know how to act.

The time of legend has come.

But what of the other stranger? The one who can save us? Only a few still believe and seek for that being, daily searching the forests for one that can help...one that draws the animals and forests to them. One that teaches peace. The few of us that believe look for this person, but our numbers are dwindling.

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