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Submitted by Raymond L. Step... on 10 March 2007 - 5:39pm. | |

A beautiful shiny gold body, anyone would be proud to have it. Powerful legs that showed an ability to run fast and far. Especially noteworthy were the rear legs, very muscled, and formed for speed. Silvery white eyes gave an allusion of constant alertness. A grey head with the pinkest mouth, that could open unbelievably wide. There was a loose collar of bright orange and black. The collar rose up, framing head and wide open mouth when Slayer was excited. This made for quite a frightful appearance. He was surely one of the bravest lizards around.

It was about 8:00 in the A.M., Slayer was on his morning stroll, just moseying along. He called it his daily constitutional. So completely relaxed was he, that he allowed his long orange tail to drag behind him in the dust. He was passing beneath a rock ledge when suddenly something fell on him. It struck him on the head, and rolled right down his back, knocking him face first into the grit of the trail.

Slayer immediately pushed himself up onto his hind legs, mouth wide, and collar flaring; the effect of the
brightly glaring, flared collar slightly diminished by his frantic spitting of the gravel he found in his mouth.

Desperately he looked all around to see what monstrous thing had attacked him from above. All he could see was a small grey ball of fuzz over by a rock. Brave as he was, he couldn’t help himself, and he jumped back, startled, as the fuzzball moved. Wide-eyed, Slayer watched as the fuzzball struggled and finally sat up. A long skinny neck straightened up, supporting a puny little bony head, beady little orange eyes, and a big blue beak sticking way out in front. Again Slayer acted involuntarily, this time with his own funny unique little hissing laugh, “Hehehishishehehis”.

Slayer couldn’t take his eyes off the newcomer as the ridiculous little fuzzball attempted to clear the dust from his plump little body. He had calmed enough that his collar had smoothed down, but was again surprised when the beak opened, and out came squawking words that said’ “Hi, I’m Buzzy, Who are you?”

“I’m S-S-S-Slayer.” He was so startled, that was all he could utter.

“Where are we?” Buzzy asked.

“We’re in Booploop.”

“Booploop, I’ve heard of that, my mom told me that weird critters live down there. Are you weird?”

“Hisishehehishehishehe, I don’t think so. You’re the only weird creature around here. What did you attack me for anyway?” Slayer was halfway teasing Buzzy now. That kind of ruffled Buzzy’s pitiful little feathers. “I am not weird,” he squawked. “My feathers just haven’t grown out yet, besides, my mom thinks I’m cute.”

“Well, I guess, if you like blue fuzz.”

“What were you doing, anyway?” asked Buzzy.

“Oh, just keeping an eye on the neighborhood, making sure no weird critters dropped in, hehehishishe. You might say I am on patrol.”

“Oh! Can I help you, Slayer, can I? Huh, huh, please.” Buzzy was really excited, it sounded like a grand adventure.

“Well, I guess so. You seem like an OK kind of guy. Just don’t go attacking anybody along the way.”

”I won’t, Slayer, I won’t attack nobody.”

As the two wound through the woods, Slayer was surprised how well Buzzy could keep up, just hopping along on only two legs. “You know what, Buzzy, Sometimes I think that if I weren’t so brightly colored, I’d get more food.”

“Why’s that, Slayer?” Buzzy was puzzled.

“Well, look at those dragonflies, they can see me better than they can see you. I’ll bet you could get a lot more of them than I could; especially with that sharp, long beak of yours.”

“But you have a better reach with that long tongue of yours. Ah, Slayer, aren’t there more of those mean-looking bugs up there now? They sure are big.”

“Yeah, and there are more arriving every second. Look at them gathering. Why there’s a regular airforce up there now.”

“Uh, oh, oh, look out Slayer! I think they’re coming after us.”

“Here they come, Buzzy!”

Zap..snap..snap..snap..zap...back-to-back, the two friends fought. Dragonfly after dragonfly met their end there. Soon the two even began to outpace their appetites. Thank goodness those pesky fliers finally got the picture, and off they flew.

“Wow, Slayer, I’ll bet you ate a million of them rascals.”

“Boy, I feel like it Buzzy, and I’ll bet that beak of yours did in a million or two also.”

“They must have thought we were water lilies or something.”

Whuff-whuff-snort-wheee-snort-whuff-snort-flap-flap-whee. The two buddies looked at each other wild-eyed.

Flap-wheee-snort...”Wh-wh-what’s that, Slayer?”

“I don’t know Buzzy, but if it’s one of those insects, we’re in trouble. It’s over there, let’s go check it out.”

“Oh, Slayer, I’m s-s-scared.”

Right in front of them, out of the bushes, arose a pair of golden horns, followed by two silver ears, two orange beady eyes, some long droopy whiskers, a mouth full of teeth, and a long orange body with spikes on top of it.

“SLAYER!!!” The two friends were terrified, they didn’t know what to do. They started running, but it was as if they had their eyes closed, and very likely they did, for they ran in circles, and ended up running into each other, knocking both to the ground. What a sight.

“Aw, hi, what’s-snort-happening? Do either of you have a light? I haven’t learned how to get my fire started yet.”

The two friends froze in mid-circle. “What? Buzzy, did you hear that?”

“Yeah. Hey what are you?”

“Ah, I’m Dragon.”

“Dragon? Dragon what? Are you king of the dragonflies, or something?”

“No, I don’t think so. I’m just Dragon.”

“Well, that was sure a lot of noise. I understand the snorting and whuffing now, but what was that flapping sound?”

“Oh, that was “---swooooooop----”him.”

Buzzy was quivering all over. “Wow, what happened, what was that. Look out here it comes again!”


“Swoop! Come down here, you’re scaring our new friends.” Dragon took it for granted that they would all be great friends.


“He’s still not to good with is landings, but he’s a good fellow, and he’s a lot of fun.”

Slayer’s collar was just beginning to smooth back down.” Is he all right?”

Buzzy just couldn’t take his eyes off the aerial newcomer. The fuzzy blue body was quivering all over. “He doesn’t have feathers either, but he sure can fly. Maybe he can teach me how.”

Grass, weeds, leaves and dust were thrown into the air as the flier shook himself. He was quite a sight. A terribly long beak, with rows of teeth to match, an elongated skull in back to offset the beak, huge leathery

wings, with little hands in the top of the middle fold, shiny yellow eyes and a brown fuzzy body with little short legs. He slowly looked from one to the other. Finally he said; ”I Swoop.”

“You sure did.” They all agreed. All together the new friends began to laugh.

“Hey, Swoop, will you teach me to fly?” Buzzy was still quivering about what he had just seen.

Swoop studied Buzzy. “Well, Beaky, I-” he started.

“Oh, Swoop, squawkhehe, my name is Buzzy, you silly thing.”

“Well, Buzzy, I think your wings need a little more growing, and some feathers. But, I’d say in about a month you’ll be ready to go. Then, by golly, we’ll swoop all over the place.”

Buzzy’s head was spinning with thoughts of flight.
“Oh, thank you swoop. I can hardly wait.”

“Hey,” said Dragon, “What are we going to do now? We can’t just stand around here all day, doing nothing.”

“Yeah, that’s for sure,” said Slayer, “I know, why don’t you join Buzzy and me on our patrol?”

Off they went, hippity-hop, scrape, flap-flap, pitter-patter; the great adventure had begun. They didn’t realize that they were already being followed. Far behind them, being sure to keep out of sight, something was keeping close track of their progress.

The companions’ progress was punctuated by laughter mixed with squawks, hisses, hehes, and a lot of playful nudges and bumps. “Hey, Buzzy, we gonna have a big air race after Swoop teaches you to fly?”

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