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Submitted by Steven ODell on 8 July 2007 - 11:35pm. | | | | |

Ronald Jameson is an ordinary man; unassuming and not noteworthy to those he passes on the street each day. He minds his own business and keeps to himself socially. The truth is that he has no social life. Events in his past have caused great pain and there seems little chance they will ever be rectified in his lifetime—that is, until he meets Denise Payton, a marvelous woman he rescues from a raving madman she wants to leave behind as quickly as possible.

Denise has a problem more serious than anything she has ever dealt with—a problem that could cost her very life. In fact, it could also cost her newfound love interest his life. The problem is Ted Randall; an ex-boyfriend, mentally and emotionally unstable, who thinks the world revolves around his needs and him alone. Ted is evil incarnate and never lets anyone forget it.

Fate has drawn these three together for a purpose both dizzyingly wonderful and infinitely frightening. Before their ordeal is over, Ron and Denise will face the trials of nature in a mountainous region, their own weaknesses and the worst that their unrelenting and formidable antagonist can throw at them. Facing these challenges may bring them closer together—or it may tear them apart forever. Before they can discover the answer, they must first survive.

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