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Submitted by Steven ODell on 8 July 2007 - 11:51pm.

Chapter 8

Where could she be? She had seemed to vanish from the face of the earth. To say that Ted was angry would have been to drastically understate his frame of mind. He walked rapidly back and forth in his bedroom until he had all the pent up rage that he could contain and then suddenly he bellowed like a bull and shoved his fist through the plasterboard wall. A large hole was left where his hand was withdrawn. He gritted his teeth and again and again he punched holes into the wall. He had blood in his eyes when he turned to leave the room and then the house.

It was a short drive to the diner where he felt that all his trouble had begun. There he would find answers that would allow him to set things right again. There he would begin the steps to exact his revenge.

He saw the look of concern in the eyes of the diner staff as he entered. They clearly remembered him. It was a needed boost to his ego to find that he was respected, or at least feared. This would make it easier to get the information he wanted. He strode confidently up to the man who had stood by the phone when he himself was lying face down on the floor just a few feet away.

“Remember me? You caused me a great deal of embarrassment. In my book, that means that you owe me an apology. Unfortunately it is not an apology that I need right now.” The look of concern deepened on the man’s face and he glanced quickly at the phone several feet away and then at the rest of the staff that stood silently watching the proceedings. They would have to go through the enemy in order to call in the reinforcements. It was doubtful that they would risk the danger before they knew that the need was real.

“What I want is information. Now, as I see it, we can do this quickly and easily or…we can do it ‘quick and dirty.’ The choice I leave with you.” He stared into the face of his opponent with a steel-cold glare and waited for an answer.

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