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Submitted by Steven ODell on 9 July 2007 - 12:48am. | | | |

Author's note: This portion deals partially with the married life and honeymoon of the Jameson's. Although it is not soft-porn by any stretch of the imagination, it does get more personal, playful and tender than the other portions of the story, but that is to be expected at this stage of their relationship. Anything less would not be convincing or realistic. If you are offended, please do tell me and I will consider revision (if you can offer an alternative) or removal of the story from this site.



Things should now be peaceful for Ron and Denise Jameson. All of their problems have seemingly been solved. They are a newly married couple and are supposed to be enjoying their honeymoon in Hawaii. The painful truth is that the past does indeed come back to haunt. In their case, a man who should be dead and completely gone from their lives is still making a hell on earth for them and there will be no peace until this ghostly and persistent evil is vanquished once and for all. Their happiness and their sanities depend upon it.

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