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The Visitor--an inspirational short story series

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Submitted by Steven ODell on 12 January 2009 - 3:32pm.

A Wonder In The Land
Steven G. O'Dell © 2008

I, Kumen, these many years later, do remember those days as clearly as if they were yesterday. Such events leave a deep impression that one may never forget them. So were those days.

The Great Destruction had finished. It had seemed like forever, but was accomplished in only hours. The entire face of the land was altered, much of it beyond recognition, but we were yet to discover this, for then came the three days of darkness, wherein one could see no light from the sun, the moon or from fire. All the air was filled with smoke and ash, the sky black as the darkest night. A great fear came upon the land and the weeping and the wailing of the people was nearly unbearable. They finally understood and believed the warnings of the prophets—all too late.

When the sky had cleared and all could again see, the people did gather in haste to the temple to know what we must do as a people. Many of our leaders were slain in the quaking of the earth, and the whirlwinds and the fires that we had suffered. Many more of the people had been taken by death in the same ways. What great punishment the Lord had placed upon us. Would the Lord God of Israel forgive us and would we again be worthy to be called His people?

I, Kumen, still quake as I recall the voice from the heavens, sounding within us, yet we did not understand. It came again a second time and we did not understand. And then the third time and we did understand. It was the voice of the Father, announcing the descent of His divine Son. Yea, the very Christ did descend from the heavens in a pillar of light, above the brightness of the sun. The day that the prophets had foretold was now upon us.

There was not one among the remnant of the people who did not fall upon his face to worship the Lord that day. Yea, we were a humbled people in that day and in that same hour did Christ command the people to arise and come forth to feel of the prints of the nails in his hands and feet and of the wound in his side and to know that He had been slain for the sins of the world. Again the people did weep, but for the joy they felt in their hearts.

When all had come forth, the Lord did pray to the Father in great power that He would bless the people. And the Lord himself did weep for the sins of the people and did exhort them with all the strength of his being that they might repent and turn again unto the Father in righteousness, forsaking their sins forever. He did tell the people that they, of all in the land, were spared in that they were the more righteous of the people. Again, the people did weep for their sins and the loss of their families who had been the more wicked part of the people.

Many great and wonderful things did Jesus speak unto the people in those days and many were the blessings and joy of the people. Many also were their ponderings over the meanings of the wondrous things which they did both see and hear. Yea, and great were the feelings of their hearts in that day.

When it came time that the Lord had need to leave from our midst, the people did pray unto him that he would remain with them and bless them with his presence yet longer. Having felt compassion for the people, Jesus did tarry so long as he might amongst them, praying unto the Father that He would pour out his spirit upon them. He did then take unto himself all of our children and did bless them under his hands. Yea, the spirit of the Father was poured out in rich abundance upon those children and they did speak many great and wondrous things, unlawful that a man might speak them; yea, things that man could not speak except by the Holy Ghost and the power of God. Yea, the children were encircled about by tongues of fire and angels did attend. There was a great weeping for joy among the people.

Before the lord took leave, he did choose twelve servants from among the people, I, Kumen being one. He did teach us all that we must do to serve him. He did exhort us to serve all men in his name and by the power of the priesthood of God. And when it was his time to leave, he did ask of the twelve what their desire might be after he should go. Nine of the twelve did voice that they would desire to come unto him in the heavens when it was their time to leave this mortal world. Three of the twelve did hold their tongues and spoke not a word, unable to look upon their Lord. Jesus did then tell them that he knew the unspoken desires of their hearts and that this had also been the desire of his servant John, whom he loved. He then touched the nine that they might be set apart from the three. The three were to tarry in his service until he did return to reign upon the earth. I, Kumen, was among them.

The time has been nearly two thousand years since the Lord did grant our wishes that we might remain in mortality to serve men until his return. It has been my only wish to serve him as best I can, for which my blessings and my joy have been great. In that time I and my brethren have been a part of many miracles and wonders in the land and in the lives of those whom we are called to serve. It is still my wish that I may continue to serve and when my mission is fulfilled in righteousness, that I might return unto that God who did create me and worship at his feet for His providence and His grace unto the children of men. May it be so in due time. Amen.

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