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The Visitor--an inspirational short story series

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Submitted by Steven ODell on 12 January 2009 - 3:34pm.

Raising Timothy
Steven G. O'Dell © 2008

The Master had promised that his chosen would do great things among the people and for the building up of their faith and His Church. He had also chosen Timothy as one of His disciples here in Bountiful. He was a man specially chosen to do the work of God among men. Chosen for this particular time. There was only one problem. Timothy was dead.

It had been an accident. No one was to blame, but that did not alter the fact that Timothy had been killed and now their Quorum was one short. This was not how it was meant to be. There were to be twelve.

Nephi, brother of Timothy, and Jonas, Nephi's son and a nephew of Timothy, had also been chosen as disciples. Faith ran strong in their family and the desire to do the Master's work was their only desire. If ever there was a day to exercise faith, it was today.

“Father, what shall we do? Thy brother and my uncle now lies dead. Surely this was not yet meant to be.”

“Jonas, my son, the ways of God are not men's ways. If it be wisdom in God that my brother and thine uncle should be taken home to Paradise, shall we question?”

“No, never. But let us ask of God what He would that we should do. Does He now wish there to be only eleven disciples? Shall we not inquire of the Lord what may be His purpose and His will in this matter?”

Nephi smiled and reached forth his hand to his son. He had always been greatly pleased with this son that had been given him. And today he was doubly pleased with the faith that Jonas showed. There was sign of mourning, to be sure, as Nephi himself experienced, but there was a light of hope and faith that burned brightly within the young man and it could not be quenched by all the armies of darkness combined.

“My son, thou dost ask well to inquire of the Lord and this we shall do. Gather all who were chosen and who are near, that their faith may be added to this prayer circle as well. We shall then fast and inquire of God what may be His will.”

“Yes, Father.” Jonas wasted no time in other words. He arose immediately and ran to seek out the whereabouts of those other disciples whom the Lord had chosen and to gather them in to meet in prayer and fasting before God.

It was the better part of the day before Jonas returned with word of his doings. He returned to find a great number of the people gathered before the home of Nephi in an attitude of humble payer and in mourning for the loss of a beloved disciple. Jonas had sent word among all the people to inquire of the whereabouts of the chosen disciples of the Lord and to beckon them, in fasting and prayer, to the home of Nephi with all haste. Word had gone forth as a grass fire unto all the land round about. Jonas and Nephi themselves had immediately begun to fast and pray before the Lord and with all diligence sought to place themselves in the Spirit of God, that they might know His will.

Over the next three days, the disciples came in and sought out Nephi. First came Mathonihah and the Shemnon and Kumen together. Isaiah, Zedekiah and Kumenonhi followed in short order. Late in the second day arrived Mathoni Jeremiah and the other who was called Jonas. The remainder of the twelve were too far removed from Bountiful in their duties to be called in amongst their brethren. All who came had begun to fast and pray, having been informed of the matter before them. And now they were to begin in quorum to exercise their faith and to fulfill the end and purpose of their fast.

“Brethren, welcome to my humble home. I greet you in the name of the God of Israel, who brought our Father Lehi from the land of Jerusalem to this new and promised land, that his life and the lives of his posterity might be saved through their faith and obedience. I greet you in the most holy name of the Messiah and Redeemer, even that same Jesus who chose us from among the unworthy to do His will and bidding among this people.

“I would that this gathering were for a more joyous purpose; nevertheless, it is wisdom in God that we now meet. My brother and thine, Timothy, hath been killed in a most unfortunate accident, while engaged in the service of his fellow beings. He hath lain dead these three days in my home. Having been among the twelve chosen to work the Lord's will among this people, he went to with great fervor and with exceeding joy did he do the work of God. It has fallen to us, brethren, to determine what might be God's will in this matter and to go forth with haste and accomplish it.

“Jonas, my beloved son, has voiced his belief that it is God's will that there yet be twelve in our midst. I, too, through fasting and prayer, have felt this to be so. It now falls to each of you to make heard his voice in this matter. We shall begin with prayer.”

As all closed their eyes, the Spirit of the Lord fell upon them and one by one, each man in his turn, added his voice to the prayer as directed by the Spirit of God. The room shone with a brilliant light and each man had about him a glow as if from the very sun. When they had completed their inquiries of the Lord, there was no doubt in their minds as to the conclusion of the matter.

As one man, they arose and proceeded to the room in which Timothy lay, and surrounding the body they did lay hands upon him and with one voice did command in the name of Jesus, called the Christ, and by the priesthood of that same Jesus, that Timothy should again come forth and be restored to his body and arise and be seen again before God and man.

The body which had lain still these many days did now take on a glow as if from the hand of God and an inrushing of air was heard by all. The Holy Ghost fell upon Timothy and did cause that he should take again life and sit up, opening his eyes before his brethren. Raising his hands to that God who had created him and had again given life to him, he began to shout and sing praises with all the energies of his heart and soul.

Each man assembled did now join him in his praises and with one accord raised voices and hands to God for the miracles He had shown unto the children of men and in this, the return of their brother and fellow disciple, Timothy.

“Brethren,” Nephi called out, “let us now go forth and show unto the people what great power the God of Israel has shown us and what miracles he has performed this day before us.”

As Timothy left the doorway and entered again into the sunlight, the people of Bountiful break forth in voice and did cry aloud as one unto the Lord and with many tears did give thanks unto God for His tender mercies unto His children. Their fasting was that day broken and a feast proclaimed throughout the land in remembrance of the day that God did raise Timothy from the dead.

This day was to be called in remembrance among the people of Nephi so long as they should remain upon the face of the land as the people of God. It is written and has been preserved among the records of the people of God, withersoever they have been hidden, until the day they shall come forth again, by the power and will of the God and Redeemer of Israel. And it is Nephi, a disciple of Jesus, that did record it among the records of this people. Amen.

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