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Submitted by Neysel on 19 December 2009 - 2:31am.

It’s the month of August and it was raining outside making the High School complex gloomy and murky than the usual. It was five minutes after class so I hurriedly went to HS Room 102 and led our class in rehearsing for Buwan ng Wika. I was quite exhausted that day but my world started to frighten when a very familiar voice called my name.
“Ciara…Ciara…tawag ni ma’am…” he said. I immediately put the marker down while facing the white board and headed to the door.
“Yes ma’am…what can I do for you?” I said. I tried to give a smile because I haven’t done it for the whole day because I was quite angry. She asked me to dance in a competition and oh…I can’t resist he warm brown eyes so I said “yes”. (Hahaha) it wasn’t a bad idea to dance with him anyway. (the guy who called me…) we’ve done it several time during third year so why not dance with him in a competition? That’s probably not a bad idea. The first three days of our rehearsal seemed to be fine. We got the steps correctly but we didn’t have the timing and grace but we just laughed it off. Days passed but they weren’t the same as the first three days. I started to pressure my partner in his performance, acting as if I’m too perfect to be his dance partner. When he commits a mistake, I keep quiet and look away. I guess he could read my mind ‘coz the next time he does it well.
Only two more days left before the competition and I thought we could perfect the dances. But as usual, flaws failed my expectations. I had very hard times in holding my temper but I realized that he was having a harder time when he finally shouted these lines:
“Amu na nga nabudlayan ko mag ginhawa kag mag saot kay gina pressure niyo ko… amu gid na ang indi ko gusto mo, ang gina pressure ako sa isa ka bagay nga indi ako…” I felt like a dagger went straight in the core of my heart when he said it. (Imagine, ‘NIYO’…meaning dala ako sa mga tawo nga ga pressure sa iya…OUCH!!!) He gasped for air and took a seat for moment. I drew myself closer to him and looked at his eyes. I asked him, “Ok ka lang?” pretending I’m no guilty and not really affected. He continued breathing fast and I wanted to hug him but I didn’t… it would make him feel weak and incapable. But later he managed to stand and we continued rehearsing. The last day of our practice was held in a place where we’ve never practiced before. At first, we had a great time but when we finally reached the last dance, quickstep, he just danced the way he wanted it- not really paying attention to the music and o everybody including me. Once again I kept quiet and looked away. He held my hand and led me out of everybody’s sight. I was clueless of what he was going to say but I felt strange about it.
“Kung law – ay saot ta buwas, promise ko sa imo after sang U-DAY ‘di na ako magpakita-kita sa imo…kay diba hambal mo, muna ka imporante sa imo ang saot?”
“Yes…ok…” I laughed a bit an turned away. But I asked him to listen to me for the last time before the “breaking up” happens and thanks he listened. After our rehearsal we walked together while talking how our bodies were aching and other things. Then it was my turn to say something.
“Seven months na kita ga updanay ‘mu ka man gihapon… you always believe in what I’m saying…do you think I can really do that? After sang tanan nga investments kag friendship nga na develop ta, maguba lang tungod sa saot? Nahambal ko lang to para mag effort ka man…”
He sat closer to me and laid his head on my shoulder. He laughed and I too joined him. That moment revealed his thoughts to me; that he kept on thinking of what I’ve said days before our final rehearsal. Well, I guess I’ve hurt him a lot…next time, I’ll be careful with words I want to say because he always believes me.

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