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The Visitor--an inspirational short story series

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Submitted by Steven ODell on 19 February 2010 - 3:50am. | | | | |

Day Of Destiny
Steven G. O'Dell (C) 2010

The days we recall most are often those days we wish we could change.

It was the strangest day of my life. It was the last day of my life. Perhaps I had better begin a bit earlier.

I awoke that morning, as any other, with the sun coming through my window. It was, as any other day, clear, warm and bright. A moisture canopy in the upper atmosphere enveloped the earth and kept the climate temperate, like a greenhouse, although we knew nothing of such things in those days. All we knew was this day was like any other...or so we thought.

We tended to the chores of the day as we did every morning. Fed the chickens, milked the cows and tended the weeds in the garden. My wife and children assisted where they were able and until the tempers got too bad, as they usually did toward the end. The children were eager to run off and play, to get into mischief, to have adventures of their own. Can't say that I blamed them, as I wished and fantasized about adventures of my own. But the tedium of each day called and demanded attention. Responsibility was ever present.

It was about halfway through the day that the strangest things began to happen, unlike anything I had ever known before. It started with the animals. They seemed restless and irritable. With each passing minute, they became more-so. Soon they were pulling at their ropes in panic and running in all directions, as if some great beast were stalking them and about to pounce. I stood and watched helplessly as they scattered, not knowing what could be the cause of such behavior. A few moments later I saw it in the sky, in the Southeast and looming ever larger.

It was almost indescribable. A large dark body divided the sky and pierced the canopy, as if the prow of a ship raking through the waters. Where it passed, the canopy above became darkened, roiled wildly and dense streaks of water began to fall from the sky. Soon the object was overhead and the sun itself was darkened and blotted out for a time. We all fell to the ground as if we were about to be crushed. It seemed as if it were scarcely out of our reach, were we to have lifted our arms to touch it. And then the waters fell upon us. Such a thing had never before happened. The fear that this caused is something I cannot convey. My wife and the children, who had now come running home, were crying uncontrollably. But the worst was yet to come.

The ground now began to shake and a tremendous rumble was heard, softly at first, and then louder as the minutes passed. We must have heard it for nearly half an hour before the cause reached us. On the horizon was a wall of something, growing larger, coming closer by the minute. Was this what the animals had run from? Or was their fear caused by the object that had flown over our heads and disappeared into the Northwest sky?

We stood dumbfounded as the wall became larger and then our mouths hung in terrible awe as we recognized it for what it was. This was water, from the sea, coming onto land and piled high as the eye could look, once it was upon you. The wife and I looked at one another with expressions such as we had never known or seen in one another before that day; nor would we ever see it again, we knew. There was no sense in running. We would never get to safety. We gathered the children together and just held one another firmly, as a family for one last moment, standing there before our home and before God and.....

God; He whom we had all but forgotten in our lives. He whom we had disobeyed at every turn. He whom we had made light of and ridiculed. And He who always kept His promise.... I now thought of that crazy old man who daily had warned us of the wrath of God to come. He who had warned us to repent and be saved from the destructions to come. He whom we had all had a good laugh at, building a great ship on land, far from the sea. Crazy Noah...whom, it seems, was not so crazy after all.

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