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Submitted by Melanie Goldmund on 14 December 2006 - 1:16pm.

Next, they went to Brother Zacharias, and Bishop Bernard knocked on the door. When Zacharias answered, Tiberius jumped in front of him and exclaimed, "We're here to call you to put on wings and sing about Bethlehem."

Zacharias looked surprised and confused. "I don't think I know any songs about Bethlehem."

The bishop explained everything to him, and Brother Zacharias obediently reached out for the pair of wings that the boy was waving in front of him. While he was flexing his spiritual muscles in the act of pulling on the wings, a sister angel went by at that very moment. She looked once at the brother, looked away, then looked back a second time. This time, she didn't turn her head, and her steps slowed radically.

"Don't run away, Sister Xaviera," Bernard called out, although Sister Xaviera was definitely not in any hurry. "I've got a very special calling for you."

Sister Xaviera noticed him for the first time, blinked, and asked in surprise, "Something special? For me?"

Bernard explained the calling, and watched Xaviera's gaze wander back to Brother Zacharias, and then down to her feet as she protested, "But I can't sing that well."

"But you do look beautiful," Zacharias said suddenly. "So angelic. When the shepherds see you ..."

Embarrassed and pleased, Xaviera put her hands to her cheeks, but started to smile. Zacharias smiled back shyly.

"Well …" said Sister Xaviera. More firmly, she added, “All right, if you show me how to fly.”

Tiberius held out a pair of wings and she took them without looking. Side by side, staring into each other's eyes, she and Zacharias went off down the street.

"Who's next?" Tiberius asked, and Bernard tore his gaze away from the couple to consult his scroll.

"Sister Renata," he announced.

Before the bishop could even knock at Sister Renata's door, however, it was flung open and Renata stormed out, almost running Tiberius down in her hurry. Bernard wondered if she already knew about the calling and was trying to get away, but then, why run straight into the bishop's path?

"You're already got wings on!" Tiberius cried.

"Yes," Renata huffed, "and I'm in a bit of a hurry! The Guardian Angel Emergency Services have just informed me that our protectee is hanging from a cliff. If we don't help him, he'll fall down and break his neck!"

"Don't the Guardian Angels have subsitutes for those people who can't come right just then?" Bernard asked.

"Right now I am the substitute!" Renata cried, trying again to get by, but Tiberius flapped into her flight path and she was forced to make an unexpected landing.

"Don't they have substitutes for the substitutes?" Tiberius wondered.

"We've got a more important calling for you," Bernard said quickly, before Renata could get past the young angel.

"Don't be ridiculous. What's more important than somebody hanging from a cliff? Anyway, can we talk about it later?" Renata asked. Turning in the opposite direction, she took off and soared away. The bishop reached for the last pair of wings in the wagon, pulled them on, and flew after her. Tiberius was already chasing after her as well.

"Sister Renata, this can't wait!" Bernard shouted. "You have to inform someone else!"

"Why? What's going on?" Renata shouted back. Looking over her shoulder and seeing his determination, she flew a bit slower. The bishop finally caught up with her and called out, "You've been called to appear over the fields of Bethlehem and sing a short song for the birth of the Saviour!"

"Is this some kind of a joke?" Sister Renata cried. "I can't sing! I've got one single talent, and that's being a guardian angel."

"It's not a joke! This comes from On High!" Bishop Bernard pointed upwards with one finger, then unrolled the scroll and waved it at her.

After a quick look, Renata heaved a sigh of resignation, then pointed in another direction. "There's an emergency trumpet station! I'll land there!"

She flapped her wings a few more times, then landed at the emergency station. Tiberius swooped in to land next to her, but Renata had already lifted up the trumpet and it seemed that she was about to blow it directly into his face. Tiberius could only rescue himself from a full-force blast by banking hard to one side and nearly missing the station altogether. Bernard came in on the other side with slightly more grace.

"Guardian Angel Emergency Services, this is Sister Renata!" she called through the trumpet. "I can't make it to the cliffhanger! I've just been drafted into singing for the saviour's birth."

A voice came out of the trumpet. "HA HA HA HA HA! Good try, Renata!"

Renata glared at the bishop. "You see? They heard me sing once."

The bishop grabbed the trumpet and blew into it. "This is Bishop Bernard and I am speaking the truth! Sister Renata has been called to sing over Bethlehem!"

There was a very long pause before the answer came, and it sounded as though the angel on the other end had just finished with an attack of the giggles. "All right, we will notify another substitute. Many blessings!"

Bernard was just about to call out a thank you when they heard another burst of laughter. Angrily, Renata grabbed the trumpet from his hand and hung it up. The sound died abruptly.

"Now remember that you were called for a reason," Bernard said. "Maybe it's time for you to develop a new talent."

Renata snorted in disbelief. "That'd take a miracle!"

"We're angels," Bernard continued. "Miracles always happen around us. As part of the Guardian Angel Emergency Services, you should know that."

"Yeah," Renata admitted slowly, but it was obvious she believed in miracles for others and not for herself.

"Do your best, and let Him take care of the rest," Bernard said, indicating On High once again. "Now let's go, it's almost time."

"Can I come, too?" Tiberius asked excitedly.

Bernard hesitated, then said, "Of course. You can bring the wagon and wait for us, and then you can help me collect the wings afterwards."

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